Who & What is the Gateway 3DS?


      Their first appearance in that “3DS hacked” video showcasing the bright screen, the one that made Nintendo 3DS flashcart history. After this historic video was released, more questions surrounding the Gateway 3DS arose. The Gateway 3DS group emphasized that its hardware will force games to be installed on their on microSD cards, and you could not save games properly. The Gateway 3DS devs released a fact sheet reiterating the Gateway 3DS flashcart inability to include more than one game per microsd card, as well that it is 3DS homebrew incapable at the moment, due to the freshness of these cards, and lastly stating a product release date August 2013.

      While the Gateway 3DS launch model is only on compatible with Nintendo 3DS firmware 4.1/4.5, they hope to have the glitch released on future system versions. The Gateway 3DS launches with 2 flashcards, a red card that is designated for backup 3DS roms, and a blue card for normal DS games and homebrew. The Gateway team would also later announce that the blue flashcart would indeed work entirely with system firmware version 6.1.

      Even though their new product has just been released these devs have been hard at work still, releasing another short video showcasing a possible region lock bypass and firmware spoofing. These two features would essentially allow the 3DS to play any game from any country, as well as allow users to play games without updating their systems. As the 3ds hacks mature, we should be expecting pleasant surprises from this impressive development team, as it was previously thought the 3DS would be a tough video game system to hack.

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